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Where Technology Meets Fitness

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Through advanced technology, Nuzuna Fitness provides Health & Wellness solutions for the future. 

Our gyms and programs incorporate the first wireless Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) system to increase training efficiency, burn more calories, boost performance, and build muscle faster.

Our elite trainers provide comprehensive training through one-on-one and group training programs in a challenging yet nurturing environment, perfect for anyone ready to see results.


"I have been thrilled with the Nuzuna Fitness classes that I have taken. I must say I was skeptical about the results and I have never been so happy to be proven wrong. From the first class, I felt my body tighten up and now I have lost both weight and inches. I feel great and now looking forward to classes each week. The trainer staff is expert in both the technical exercises and motivation. I would highly recommend Nuzuma fitness to anyone."

– Tom Ermatinger

"It’s like no other workout I’ve ever experienced. It is intense, in a good way, and has made a remarkable difference in my body in only a couple of weeks. I am so excited to stick with it and see the results in the future! And I really enjoy the instructors, they are incredibly professional and motivational."

-Chris Wagner

“I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to jump start their workout for quicker results.  I have more energy and an uptick in my creativity. My left knee is stronger and I now have more confidence to go out and be more active.”

– Janet


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